Fan Coil Units Projects

Medium Static

medium static fan coil

Low Static

low static fan coil fan coil unit fan coil unit 1

Fan Coil Units 200 –3000 CFM


  • Various types to suit client needs
  • 2 & 4 Pipe System
  • Controller & Valves optional from factory
  • Anti-Corrosive coating for coil

1. Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco Atlas Copco 2 Atlas Copco 3
Model: 44x RAC 6
TCC (Total Project): 198kW
Consultant: ACAS
Contractor: Electro Air
R/Kw (Total Project): R 1 550.00
Year of Project: 2014

2. Lakeside Office Park

Lakeside Office Park 1 Lakeside Office Park 2
Model: 142x Various RAC Models (RAC 02 –RAC 12)
TCC (Total Project): 810.95kW
Consultant: ACAS
Contractor: ArazulProjects
R/Kw (Total Project): R 1 056.00
Year of Project: 2012

3. Newtown Junction

Newtown Junction 3 Newtown Junction 4 Newtown Junction Newtown Junction 2
Model: 118x Various CM & CMV Units
TCC (Total Project): 4999.9kW
Consultant: WSP
Contractor: Total Air Control
R/Kw (Total Project): R 960.00
Year of Project: 2014

4. Umhlanga Sands Hotel

Umhlanga Sands Hotel Umhlanga Sands Hotel 1
Model: 237x RAC Units (RAC 6 & RAC 8)
TCC (Total Project): 1145.7kW
Consultant: ACAS
Contractor: Southern Suns
R/Kw (Total Project): R 1 083.00
Year of Project: 2011

5. Garden Court PE

Garden Court PE Garden Court PE 2
Model: 285x RAC Units (RAC 3 & RAC 5)
TCC (Total Project): 1132.56kW
Consultant: ACAS
Contractor: Airtech PE
R/Kw (Total Project): R 1 217.00
Year of Project: 2012
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