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About Petra

Petra Engineering Industries CO.

Petra is a world leading distributor and a supplier of a wide range of HVAC equipment that meet a diversity of application requirements to major international markets. The company was established in 1987 with a broad vision to accomplish the highest quality standards in our line of business. The accomplishment of successful corporate and business approaches has taken us to the maximum standards and qualified the company to compete alongside the best in the industry.

In line with our expansion determination, in 1994 Petra stretched its operations and its products of HVAC equipment utilizing some of the industries most advanced machinery and raw materials, gaining us recognition in over 20 countries worldwide.


Petra engineering industries design and manufacture high quality HVAC equipment in accordance with globally recognised standards. Petra's HVAC equipment offer comprehensive solutions with the highest level of comfort and luxury for its customers in all its markets.

Petra's commitment towards its employees is to build and improve their capacities, competence and skills to ensure the highest competitive advantage that meets and exceeds the expectations of all its customers and employees.


To be one of the world's leading manufacturers of internationally recognised high quality HVAC equipment in terms of sales and market share and providing innovation and comprehensive HVAC solutions, which will become the most preferred choice of customers by the year 2015.


Petra is committed to support its vision by following the below values:

  • Innovation and Excellence
  • First-class excellence by adopting TQM
  • Investment in human capital
  • Teamwork
  • Recognising the value of our employees
  • Working closely with our customers
  • Treating our customers and employees with respect and courtesy
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