Air-Cooled Water Chiller

With reciprocating, Scroll and Screw Compressors

Petra's lines of air-cooled water chillers are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of air conditioning applications in all types of buildings. These packaged air-cooled water chillers meet the highest engineering and performance standards that are characteristic of all Petra products.

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Water-Cooled Water Chiller

With Scroll or Screw Compressors

Petra’s water cooled water liquid chillers with scroll or screw compressors offer a wide range of sizes to meet customer requirements for different applications. Petra’s WPS Series offer state of the art low sound, reliability and high energy efficiency with a small physical foot-print. Petra’s WPS Series designed to be shipped as a complete factory package.

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Ultra Low Noise Chiller Series

With Semi-Hermetic Screw Compressors

Due to increasing awareness of noise as an environmental pollutant, Petra Engineering industries Co. developed the Ultra Low Noise chillers with the lowest dBA level on the market today geared towards noise-sensitive design requirements.

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Modular Type Chillers

Wide Range of Capacities: 10-60 Ton capacity range, all AHRI certified

Petra introduces compactness, reliability, redundancy, efficiency and serviceability through its air-cooled modular chillers, which are available in the range of 10-60 ton per module. And can be combined together up to 16 modules in cooling or heating mode.

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