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Comfort Maker [Blower Coil Unit]

Compact Air Handling unit

CM units are designed specifically for small and medium-sized air conditioning systems for commercial and residential applications. The units are designed to be easily installed and maintained. These units may be used for cooling and/or heating and they are designed for concealed ceiling installation above false ceiling with ducted supply and return air distribution or ducted supply and free return. The units in this series consist of a coil, a fan-motor assembly and a flat filter.

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Air-Cooled Water Chiller

With reciprocating, Scroll and Screw Compressors

Petra's lines of air-cooled water chillers are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of air conditioning applications in all types of buildings. These packaged air-cooled water chillers meet the highest engineering and performance standards that are characteristic of all Petra products.

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Package Air conditioner units [Rooftop Units]

With Hermetic and Semi-Hermic Compressors

Our rooftop package units are highly efficient and designed for use in commercial and industrial applications. They can be equipped with optional controls and accessories to fit customer requirements. Our packages are designed for quick and easy installation. All Petra packages are designed to meet the highest performance and energy efficiency standards

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Dry Cooler units

Petra's Dry Cooler (PDC) Series is designed to work with Petra’s Water Source Units (PWSP Series). It can also be used as a stand-alone system for closed water loop applications, with a wide range of capacities. Options include built in system pumps, low noise fans and variable frequency drives for fan speed control.

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Computer Room Units

Many electronic machines such as computer are highly sensitive to their environment. To function efficiently, they require specific surrounding air temperatures, humidity and flirtation conditions. Petra’s PASC units are specifically designed to be used wherever temperature, humidified and filtered air have to be controlled continuously within close tolerance limits. They can be installed in system control centers, telecommunication centres, laboratories, computer server data rooms amongst other

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Fan Coil Units

The RAC and DC range of fan coil units are suitable for air-conditioning residential, commercial and institutional building. They are available in two: low static pressure (RAC series) and medium static pressure (DC series). The RAC series in available in several layout models to suit most applications. The models includes standard pressured steel casing, concealed type design and stack. The DC series is available in concealed and exposed types.

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Condensing Units

With semi-Hermetic Reprocicating(DSPS) and Semi-Hermic Screw(DSPSS), Hermic (DSPH) Compressors.

DSP units are designed specifically for small, medium and large-size air conditioning systems for commercial and residential applications. These air-cooled condensing units may be connected to a wide range of Petra indoor units.

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